Centre for Culture & Learning

The Satikanta Guha Centre for Culture And Learning setup by the Foundation supplements the formal curriculum offered by Educational Institutions to ensure the overall development of young learners, by offering different programmes designed to develop their Language, Communication and Life Skills, as well as offer support/guidance in their career goals. In association with LifePrep Supplementary Education, the Foundation conducts a variety of short term and long term programmes in Communicative English, Foreign Languages, Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Short Film Making etc. In addition to these, workshops and interactive sessions are also being conducted periodically, for specific learner segments.

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Activity Clubs

Satikanta Guha Foundation acknowledges the importance of integrating the development of supplementary skills along with the curriculum – based subjects in the student’s overall development as a better social being and a successful professional. In a step towards achieving this objective, the Foundation has set up Activity Clubs in Garden High School for it’s students. These Activity Clubs train students in various skills like Public Speaking, Robotics, Karate, Musical Instruments, Dance etc.

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