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A.I.D 2019 – Essay Competition

Satikanta Guha Foundation has been striving continuously to understand what constitutes and contributes to academic excellence and to provide all those engaged in the quest of such excellence a common and collaborative platform.

logo-AID-smallAs a part of this effort, Satikanta Guha Centre for Culture and Learning in association with LifePrep Supplementary Education, has set up AID (Aspire . Ideate . Debate), a platform to give students and young adults an opportunity to express their views on subjects that affect their lives, directly or indirectly.

AID 2019 will begin its venture by holding an essay competition and a debate in September –November 2019 on the following subject:

“Coping with performance pressure in adolescence”

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The three-day Intensive Tabla Workshop organised by Satikanta Guha Foundation and MATRA (The Music Academy for Tabla Research by Pt. Anindo Chatterjee) ended in grand style at Garden High School on Monday, 24 July 2017.

The Workshop was inaugurated by Pt Anindo Chatterjee on the morning of 22 July 2017.  On behalf of the Satikanta Guha Foundation, Sm Ratna Bose delivered the welcome speech and Sri Anubrata Chatterjee and Sri Haridas Alankode also addressed the audience.  Dr Anuradha Das, Academic Advisor of Satikanta Guha Foundation, compered the programme.

About 40 selected students from different states of India (Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa), Bangladesh and USA participated in the workshop.  Pt Anindo Chatterjee and Sri Anubrata Chatterjee personally trained the students on all the three days showing them the nuances of Tabla playing, how to play solo, how to play as an accompanying artist, etc.   It was a rich and enduring experience for the students.

There were performances by eminent artists on all days after the classes.  There were Tabla solos by Pt Anindo Chatterjee, Sri Anubrata Chatterjee, Ms Ratnashree Iyer, Sri Sandip Ghosh and Sitar by Sri Ayan Sengupta, Santoor by Sri Haridas Alankode and vocal by Sri Sreenath Nair.  Sarod player Pt Tejendra Majumdar,  Tabla players Pt Parimal Chakraborty, and Pt Subhankar Banerjee were felicitated on the occasion.

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An appeal

gal04We appeal to everyone to become a sponsor of at least one meal to the economically disadvantaged pupils of Gayaram Sishu Siksha Niketan, located close to Garden High School.  The meal may be offered to mark a special occasion, like a birthday, or in remembrance of a beloved or venerated person. The sponsor and the members of his/her family would be most welcome to be present on the day this meal is served to the children. Their presence would assure the children that there are people who do care for them.

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