Trustees Profile

  • Indranath Guha

    Satikanta Guha Foundation is headed by Mr Indranath Guha.  A graduate of the Universities of Calcutta and Oxford, he was a faculty at Jadavpur University before serving as a Principal of South Point for more than 22 years.  He was also a Trustee of The South Point Education Society from the day of its inception till his resignation in 1992. An academician par excellence he has taught English at secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  

    He is currently the Rector of the Garden High School.


  • Kavita Guha

    Mrs Kavita Guha is an English Hons. graduate from Loreto College, Kolkata. She has considerable experience as a teacher in various schools, including South Point High School. She was the Vice-Principal of South Point School and is currently the Pro-Rector of Garden High School. With Mr Indranath Guha she has co-authored many school books published by the Oxford University Press.

  • Mahua Dasgupta

    Mrs Mahua Dasgupta was a teacher of South Point School for more than 21 years. She was the Teacher- in-Charge of Class I and a Controller of Examinations of South Point for several years.  Since 1995, she has been running a nursery school independently and is the Secretary of Garden High School. She assists Mrs Kavita Guha in academic matters.

  • T. K. Gopalan

    Mr T. K. Gopalan has worked closely with the late Satikanta Guha and Mr Indranath Guha in South Point. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Satikanta Guha Foundation and the Garden High School since their inception. Mr Gopalan is in charge of general administration, accounts and finance, legal and labour matters, etc.

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